Sunday, 29 May 2011

Urban Endings- The Final Push

In 24 hours time I will be filming the first part of my Urban Endings project. "Panic" is an understatement. My work have rota'd me in to work tonight and I am desperately trying to get it covered or else I WILL spend the whole night on the verge of either bursting into tears or just staring blankly. I feel like I've done so much, but it's nowhere near enough, and feel completely underprepared despite doing nothing but try to organise the shoot.

My seemingly-perfect plan of asking a friend who studies Musical Theatre to be my leading actress now seems like the worst plan ever... trying to get her to reply to my messages is proving a bit impossible, I'm not entirely she realises how much is actually riding on it. Also, my never-ending lead actor problem just won't resolve itself... I was feeling particularly proud of myself on Friday; not only had I had a lengthy discussion with Galina about the location/look and what I wanted from the script, but I'd managed to hear back from not one but TWO locations for my second date. I opted for the latter, the Scottish Youth Hostel at the top of Kelvingrove Park, because we'd filmed there before, they were more than accomodating and also offered a really great rate on the room. As their check-in time is 2pm, they said we could use a room from 10-2 for £19, rather than charge us the full price for the room. It's only a short scene so we wouldn't need it for any longer than this.

It all seemed to be going swimmingly, especially after a successful prop hunting mission. My boyfriend and I went for a trek around the Barras (I needed him in case there was any heavy lifting involved), and we stumbled across a treasure trove of an antiques junkyard. I saw the perfect wooden travel case... thingie... and we carried it about the labyrinth of antiques looking for someone to give money to. I was all ready for some top-class bartering, and we eventually found a woman manning a jewellery stall. She told us to go across the courtyard and find a "man with a beard... that or just take it". We wandered into the courtyard, saw no sign of Man With Beard, and opted for the latter... and took it. Hardly the stuff of master criminals, but it felt like a coup anyway. And the best part was, I didn't even need to trundle it home as Thoughtful Boyfriend even took it back home to the west end with him.

So far, so good... until I tried to contact my already-on-a-shaky-nail actor and inform him of the new date. Unfortunately he can't do the 7th, so I tried to contact my friend who'd also promised me a leading man if I couldn't find another. Eventually I managed to get an answer via Facebook (how I loathe relying on flaky social networking), and so far all I've heard is "I'll text him and ask!"... Oh. Come. ON!!!!!!!! I'm battering through as much as I can today, although I'm not sure what else I can do. In all honesty, in as much as I'm looking forward to it, I just want it to be over so the stress will be over too. I can't wait to sit with my headphones on and edit away to my heart's content.

On the plus side, I did make the best use of the one afternoon of procrastination I allowed myself. I managed to scoop a second commission to write a film review for 'Trisickle', and not only went to see said film, but wrote the review for it and sent it in a whole week before the deadline. Hey, if all else fails, I can be a professional... I don't know... unpaid blogger?

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