Friday, 27 May 2011

Urban Endings- New Developments

The last couple of days have seen alot of progress on my Urban Endings shoot- a) hurrah! and b) FINALLY!. After a failed attempt at crewing from my own class, I managed to get Galina and possibly Ross from 3rd year on board to be my camera crew. Also, I have a data wrangler in the form of Scott which means I can use the 5D (and not the 570 like I thought; I had worried I wasn't going to be able to get someone to DIT which would've meant I'd have had to do it the old fashioned tape/log & capture way).

Despite the new breakthroughs I'm still swaying about my lead actor. Me being me, I sent my request for 'Actors Wanted' around the Academy with the wrong date- rather than May 30th, I'd requested cast for a month later. D'oh! I didn't realise my mistake until an acting volunteer notified me on it. Apparently the end of the month changeover from one til the next confuses me. Alas, this means that my Academy volunteer (who is also in the opera) is not available until the evening of the 7th- which I think may be his only free day- although this means I might have to use to my second choice, a friend-of-a-friend who is hopefully free for both.

I've been furiously emailing and scribbling down numbers for hostels to use on this date, including one which we've filmed in before, so hopefully this will yield some positive results. The prop store is currently unavailable so I'm having to source props & costumes myself... I'm going to be flying super-close to the deadline, but hey, I've always done well working at the last minute... I spent this morning discussing the script with Galina, and this afternoon will mostly be trying to arrange actors and buying props. Thankfully I have Saturday and Sunday off work, and was paid a small fortune (well... my bank balance is in the black anyway) and so my weekend will be traipsing around charity and junk shops seeing what I can find.

On the plus side, I've managed to score a few sound recording jobs on other shoots (although I may have to drop one if I can't secure the filming dates I have free for my own) plus an external shoot with Julie from last year's 4th years (again, as sound recordist- who knew they were in such high demand?). Then it's all edit, edit, edit until June 17th... Which, when you think about it, isn't so far away... The end is in sight! I just need to get through this weekend...


  1. Hey, if you're struggling for anything art dept. related don't hesitate to fire a wee email out to the TPA peeps.

    Hate to sound like a 'Creative Beginnings' wanker, but it the collaboration has been extremely valuable to me these past three years.

    I know there are folk in 1st and 2nd year who are desperate to get in aboot some film action, so it benefits everybody.

    Good luck! Hope all goes well with your shoot.

    And remember to get plenty of calcium.


  2. I didn't even think to contact TPA- what a div! I'm gonna have a look into what I need for my second day; after Graham told me he'd be on annual leave I was like "SHIIIIIT"... and went prop sourcing myself! Thanks for the advice though :) hope it turns out OK! Hopefully I'll get a bit more sleep the night before next time around, the Big Day is over so I've less to worry about!
    x x x